Automatic Blog Content That Google Loves

March 17th, 2010 No comments

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet for their blog content – well…we may actually have found it here. Alex Goad and a few others have created an amazing product for your WordPress blog that provides unique content automatically AND (the big and) Google really loves it! Sure you can go out and hire article writers to create blog posts, but what if you could just add this plugin, make a few changes, and sit back while content is automatically added to your blog? Of course you’d do it – right? If you’re just starting out or have been making money on the web for a while, you really need to give this blog automatic content plugin a try today.

Zip Code Maps

November 9th, 2009 No comments

I found a new resource that can be of use to anyone who markets on the web or is looking to develop a new app – ZIP Code Maps at

They have detailed maps for every U.S. state and D.C. and the price is amazing – $599 for all maps or just $29 per state. It’s tough to find this amount of ZIP code detail at this price for the detail provided. Their zip code maps feature boundaries and include the names of cities. At the very least you need to drop by the site and see what they have to offer….

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Wealthy Affiliate Review Update

October 24th, 2009 No comments

You can read my entire review HERE, but I wanted to update my review with the latest information.
They’ve changed the look and feel of the site and it looks great!

Some of the latest tools that you get for FREE just by being a member:
1. Article Writer: ever had writers block? This fully automated web based tool literally creates unique articles for you on any subject!
2. Keyword Research Tool: not only does it do keyword research, but it also puts keywords in the proper format, researches your competition, and more!
3. Clickbank Research Tool: find the latest Clickbank products, gravity, best performers, and more! There are other sites that charge for this information, but Wealthy Affiliate includes it as part of your membership.
4. Website Builder: this tool automatically builds a complete affiliate website for you in seconds – how much time can this tool alone save you??

p.s. almost forgot – I’m still a member and you should be too ;)

Google Secret Loophole Review

October 12th, 2009 No comments

The creator Matt Benwell promises to show everyone a secret affiliate strategy that permitted him to beat Google and to generate $30,000+ in one month, from only one keyword and one website. Each time I read a statement like that I start to think scam, but Matt Benwell has put out other great products. It’s just that these statements always give me pause…

So let’s take a quick look at the Google Secret Loophole content…

Google Secret Loophole: What Do You Get?

There are for the most part 4 main modules in Matt Benwell’s course. In each of these modules you’ll find a PDF file that exposes the module’s content and also includes several videos so you get a step by step approach.

Module 1: Market Research Unleashed

The main PDF file of this module is about:

  • Market Choice – what market to get into
  • Finding a Niche – what niche works best
  • At what point is my niche too big? – too much competition?
  • Where to look for affiliate products – the best sources for products
  • Finding the Keywords your niche uses – the best keywords
  • Getting to know your customers – learn who they are and you’ll succeed
  • Creating a Niche List – break out the spreadsheet
  • Staying Current – watch Google news and trends
  • Choosing the Product – look closely at the product

Videos from Module 1 are about:

    google secret loophole video1

  • Demographic Discovery – The key to researching customer and niche demographics.
  • Forum Focus – Researching online communities such as forums are a great way to determine and UNLOCK market potential.
  • Article Analysis – Article directories are a great way to see what’s HOT in any given niche and also obtain ideas for our own content.
  • Blog Breakdown – Discover the easy way to stay on top of your niche and find out what customers want.
  • Video Revolution – Videos content is RAPIDLY growing online, here’s the a great way to unlock your market potential and see what others are talking about.

Module 2: Killer Keyword Code

google secret loophole keyword codeThe main PDF file of this module is about:

  • Finding your main money keyword – lots out there, but do your research
  • Generating alternative keywords – knowing your market
  • Adding variables (key to huge keyword expansion)
  • Keyword Performance – not all keywords are created equal

google secret loophole video package 2Videos from Module 2 show how to use some free of charge tools that let you spy on your competitors without them knowing. After viewing these videos you’ll know how to spy on the costs and campaigns of your closest competitors, how a no cost tool will help you optimize your Google Adwords campaigns better than everything else, how to know exactly what your competition is doing, and even how to find other keywords you may never have thought of.

Module 3: Loophole Landing Page Formula

google secret loophole landing page

In the PDF file of this particular module, Matt literally takes you by the hand and shows you step by step what you have to do to get a review website completed. There are plenty of screen shots in this book and even new people to marketing can easily follow Matt’s clear steps.

And if there’s something you can’t work out after reading the PDF file, you can also view the included videos and actually look over Matt’s shoulders to see how he really does everything!
You get the basic knowledge on the proper way to create a website from scratch and you also get great tips to create your reviews and site content the easiest and most effective way. You’re getting everything you need to be successful at setting up winning websites.

Module 4: Adwords Assault

google secret loophole adwords

Matt Benwell again guides you step by step and after you complete this large module you’ll be a better Google Adwords marketing person than most other internet marketers – really!

Here’s what you can find in this PDF:

  • Setting up your adwords account – the basics
  • Your first campaign – dive in
  • Killer ad copy – get people to click
    • Social Proof
    • Eye Grabber
    • Mind Game Manipulation
    • Mega Benefits
    • Lazy Marketing
  • The Quality Score Issue – always a pain
  • How to Check Your Quality Score – the one thing Google actually tells you
  • Ad URLS
  • Keyword Setup
  • Testing
  • Location & Day Parting

But in my opinion what you will discover from this module’s videos is much more powerful!

google secret loophole video4You will get to learn:

  • Competitor Sniping – Let your competitors do all the work.
  • Writing Killer Ads – Move your conversions through the roof.
  • Network Selection – Learn how to maximize your traffic.
  • Language & Location – Become an AdWords superstar!
  • Ad Scheduling – Don’t pay for worthless clicks.
  • Keyword Types – Choosing the correct keyword type is one of the biggest keys!
  • Matt’s 5 Top Testing Tips – Testing is it – those who fail don’t test – period.

New Marketing Product

October 12th, 2009 No comments

My partner and I are getting ready to release a new software product that’s going to dramatically help anyone running websites or wanting to launch multiple websites quickly!

I’m not going into much detail yet, but I can tell you that it’s a membership program that gives you tons of tools. Imagine reducing your website creation time down to seconds instead of minutes. How about creating 25 WordPress blogs in the time it takes you to create 1 manually?

Visit the WebFizz pre-launch site by clicking HERE and sign up for the mailing list to get our HUGELY discounted pre-launch bonus price!